Physiotherapy Services

Musculoskeletal Pain and management

  • Arthritic Pain
  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Knee & Hip Pain

All types of pain can arise from misuse or overuse. Physiotherapy has many different but precise assessment tools and effective treatment and management techniques. These need to be optimised and effective for restoration of function to individuals.


Chronic Pain management

  • Pain Lasting More Than 3 Months
  • Chronic Unrelenting Pain

There are many reasons this type of pain can be persistent. There are a range of assessment & interventions that assist with the healing & management of these conditions. Michael enjoys the challenge that these patients bring, he achieves excellent results for his patients.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is used in many physiotherapy practices. It is usually the lesser of two evils where muscles seem to be the culprit with any condition. Dry needling assists with stimulating soft tissues and reducing pain sensations.


Pre and Post-operative treatment

  • ACL Reconstruction
  • Total Knee Replacements
  • Total Hip Replacements
  • Back Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery

Pre and post operative exercises and therapy is very important for the benefits of having the surgery to be successful. Post operative exercises are generally what gets you back functioning properly again. There are a wide variety of conditions resulting from surgery. These are important to be observed & catalogued to optimise the recovery.


TMJ - Temporo mandibular joint

  • Jaw Restriction - Opening and Closing of the Joint
  • Headaches
  • Jaw Pain
  • Neck Pain

Other Services

At the Almondbury Rd Clinic, we have a range of allied health practitioners. At this stage we have:

  • Perth Home Physio – All your Physiotherapy needs in your home
  • Speech Therapist – Charlotte Wigham - Skills 2 Talk Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapist – Bree Harmsen - Skills 2 Learn Occupational Therapy
  • Clinical Psychologist – Deborah Skender

Feel free to contact them in regards to appointments and where their specialties lie. We are proud to have a multidisciplinary team and will be working together closely with patients that need any extra interventions.